Welcome to our little world. Let me give you a brief tour of our site to help you get around and not lost since more than likely we won’t be able to find and help you until it is much too late.

The home page, the one you’re on right now, will have the most current comic up on it as well as all the tabs to all the other pages for the site.

The first tab is for the Back Room, this is where we get to voice our opinions of the world and update you the reader on the website and the current goings on with everyone here. Both myself and Dom will hopefully entertain, educate and boggle the mind.

Old Comics should be self-explanatory but just in case, this is where you can go to read all the great comics you missed or if you’re new, catch up with the rest of us.

If you want to voice your opinion on the latest comic, or just chat with like lost minds that visit the site, please feel free to visit the forums. You will have to sign up--we just like to know who might be stalking us--and then you’ll be free to make fun of the crazy lady in the Big Box store that still hasn’t figured out how to do the self-checkout lane.

Last on our tour is the Store. Here is where you get to buy cool swag to make your friends jealous with all the cool Anti-Singularity stuff and watch as they try to be cool--but you were first we already knew that. There is also on the bottom of the page an “about us” link, just gives you a brief insight into why we actually do this and a “contact us” link where you can drop us a line and tell us how great we are doing.